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What is this FAQ all about?

These are some Frequently Asked Questions associated with the motorsport of Autocrossing, and the autox mailing list which discusses Autocrossing. (

 This version was last updated 9/23/97. This FAQ is only being served by this web site as a service to the public and its author. The autox mailing list is not located at this site. The administrators of the mailing list are not located at this site. For more information on the mailing list, click HERE.

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Where can I find it?

The FAQ is available only in HTML format, located at the URL:

 The San Francisco Region SCCA web-site hosts these pages, and through Akkana Peck's help and generosity, it is now available to you.

Who contributed to this FAQ?

This FAQ was compiled and edited by John Crooke, a rookie autocrosser in the Washington DC metro area. Please email your comments, additions, and corrections concerning this FAQ to John Crooke,

 Any questions you have about autocrossing that are not answered by this FAQ should be posted to the autox mailing list. If a question is asked often enough, it will be added to this FAQ.

 John Crooke ('90 Accord EX, 2dr, 5sp, HS) Silver Spring, Maryland

 Some of the original material in this FAQ comes from the and North American Motorsports home pages. Used with permission.

 I got the nice logo at the top from the web page of TAPCO, Inc. without their permission. (I don't think they'll complain, considering what they sell! :-)

 Thanks to all of those who contributed information and assistance:

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